Global Frozen Bakery Additives Market to surpass US $2.3 Bn by 2025

August 06, 2019

Worldwide frozen bakery additives market is anticipated to exceed US $2.3 billion by the year 2025 , according to the latest research available at Market Study Report LLC, report provides extensively data on market share, growth, trends and forecasts for the period 2019-2025.

The hectic lifestyle of consumers is propelling the need for high quality packaged food items having longer shelf life which in turn is driving the frozen bakery additives market. These bakery products are manufactured using frozen bakery additives as they enhance texture, stability, and add faintness to the products. The demand for ready-to-eat items is also presumed to rise significantly by 2025 due to ease of cooking and widespread availability.

Apart from adding softness and texture to the food products, these additives also impart required taste and color making their sales and marketing easy. The report cites that one factor playing a major role in the growth of frozen bakery additives market is the clean label provided by government establishments such as EU and FDA for the usage of natural constituents.

Launching of new and innovative products which enable the pastries and cakes & cookies to stay fresh for longer time without compromising on its taste and flavor will boost the frozen bakery additives market. Increasing use of additives in novel bakery goods to maintain overall stability and consistency of crusts and dough while ensuring food safety and longer shelf life, will further drive the growth of the market.

The preservatives segment of frozen bakery additives market in France is expected to grow 3.5% over the forecast period. The regional growth is owed to excessive usage in manufacturing baked goods and increasing use of natural preservatives as opposed to chemical based constitutes. These preservatives have antioxidant properties, hence guaranteeing longer shelf life while retaining authentic taste.

Moreover, the frozen bakery additives market in India through its dough application is projected to accrue USD 20 million by 2025 owing to increasing popularity of fast food restaurants, in consort with high usage in bread production. Products like ascorbic acid, monoglycerides, leavening agents, and preservatives provide desired quality and hardness to the frozen dough which acts as a raw material for bread and other baked products in demand.

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The reducing agents segment of the frozen bakery additives market is presumed to collect gains over 6% by the year 2025. These agents are used to alter the rheological properties such as viscoelasticity, gas-retention, and machining properties of the batters and dough, so that the processing state is unaffected by seasonal variation of the wheat condition. The market demand reducing agents is expected to be stimulated by the need for energy-efficient processing and the demand for high protein flour.

The medical ailments such as attention deficit hyperactivity disorder and allergic reaction are often caused by synthetic chemicals. Due to this reason, European countries prohibit synthetic chemicals and promote the usage of safe and natural additives. This might hit the growth of frozen bakery additive market and negatively impact the price trend, as cited in the report.

The forerunners of the frozen bakery additives market profiled in the research report include ADM, Puratos, Colour House, DSM, Carmi Flavors, Cargill, Corobion N.V., and DDW.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) :

Increasing demand for high quality packaged products with extended shelf life, owing to changing consumer lifestyle is driving the growth of frozen bakery additives market. These additives are widely used in producing bakery items to add stability and texture to the final product. Increasing demand for ready to eat products on account of widespread product availability and ease of cooking will further enhance the business outlook. Furthermore, favorable regulatory norms and policies for natural food ingredients set by government bodies including the FDA and EU will positively impact the market growth in the coming years.
Prohibition on use of synthetic chemicals in baked products may restrain the frozen bakery additives market growth to some extent. These chemicals can lead to medical ailments such as allergies and attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.
India frozen bakery additives market from dough application is expected to exceed USD 20 million by the end of analysis period. The regional growth can be attributed to the rapid expansion of fast food restaurant chains coupled with boosting product demand for bread production.
Major players of frozen bakery additives include ADM, Colour House, Cargill, DDW, Puratos, DSM, Carmi Flavors, and Corobion N.V. among others.
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