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FAA’s new UAV regulation will ease the inclusion of UAVs into civil-commercial applications, boosting the demand for small VTOL UAV

24th May 2016
vtol uav market size
VTOL UAVs are are capable of performing vertical take-off and landing and do not require a runway. VTOL UAVs can be further classified into multi-rotors (quadcopters, hexacopters, and octocopters), helicopter-configured UAVs, and tiltrotor VTOL UAVs. These UAVs are mostly used for applications where stability and hover capability is crucial. The market study report on Global […] Read More

Global FPSO Industry – 65 FPSOs are expected to commence operations by the year 2020

15th May 2016
Key Highlights A total of 65 FPSOs are expected to commence operations by the year 2020. However the start of the several planned FPSOs is estimated to be delayed due to declining upstream capital expenditure. In the global FPSO industry, South America will have the highest planned FPSO additions by 2020 (19 FPSOs), followed by […] Read More

Global Ammonia Industry – Ammonia Capacity to Grow 270.4 mmtpa in 2020

15th May 2016
Key Highlights Global Ammonia capacity will experience considerable growth in the next five years, increasing from 224.9 mmtpa in 2015 to 270.4 mmtpa in 2020. Around 79 planned projects are slated to come online in the next five years, driven primarily by the US, Iran and Russia. Two new ammonia projects were announced since the […] Read More

Urine Analyzers Medical Devices Industry Pipeline Assessment 2016

15th May 2016
Urine Analyzers are automated or semi automated analytical laboratory equipments used in qualitative and semi-quantitative tests. It is performed on urine samples to determine specific contents of chemicals and proteins in the body. These tests are generally done to determine the content of glucose, protein pH, leukocytes, nitrites, ketones, bilirubin, blood, urobilinogen, specific gravity etc. […] Read More