Global Containerboard Market to accrue US $250 Bn by 2025

August 13, 2019

Global containerboard market is projected to cross US $250 billion by the year 2025, according to the latest research available at Market Study Report LLC, report provides extensively data on market share, growth, trends and forecasts for the period 2019-2025.

Containerboards are food grade packaging materials used in agriculture and food processing industry, propelling the market growth. The product is known to have light weight and high strength which guarantees easy handling and robust packaging. It is used in food processing industry to protect food from direct exposure to water and sunlight. The agricultural industry utilizes containerboard for packaging of fruits and vegetables to save damage from accidents or forceful impacts, owing to its ability to resist impact.

Another significant application of containerboard is for the storage of meat products. It retains the nutritional content and keeps the meet products fresh. The ability of containerboard to maintain sterilized environment to protect the meat products from pathogenic, microbial, and fungal contamination while shielding it from air, water, and heat, will fuel the demand for containerboards around the globe.

Based on the application outlook, the alcohol & drinks industry is presumed to contribute 4% growth of global containerboard market by 2025 owing to the use of product as secondary packaging to save the alcohols & beverages from transportation impacts. Another property propelling the use of containerboard in the alcohol & drinks application is the high strength to weight which offers convenience for mobility of packaged goods.

The manufacturing of containerboard uses large amount of wood and undergoes chemical processing which is adversely affecting the environment. Removal of lignin is done using toxic chemicals which are harmful for both humans and animals. These factors will work as constraints for the containerboard market growth in the approaching years, cites the study.

According to the report, China containerboard market is expected to grow over US $3.5 billion from dairy & alternatives application over the forecast period, owing to growing awareness for dairy products intake in daily diet. The containerboard shields the dairy products from microbial and bacterial contamination while avoiding the spillage of milk, cream, and yogurt.

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Additionally, containerboard is used in the packaging of textile materials as it protects the fabric from dust, damage, and retardation. Germany containerboard market is predicted to observe more than 3% gains from textile application over the forecast period, owing to increase in disposable incomes and surging expansion of medium & small-scale textile industries in the region, claims the study.

Moreover, the use of containerboards for protecting building materials from damage and rusting will fuel the product demand. Japan containerboard market is expected to exceed 430 million sq. mt. from construction application by 2025 owing to the increased investment of government in new and existing domestic infrastructural projects.

The key players of the containerboard market include Mondi Group, International Paper, and Smurfit Kappa. These companies are focusing on adopting technological advancements and developing eco-friendly products to meet the evolving needs of the consumers.