Zeolite Molecular Sieve Market to amass US $1290 Mn by 2024

October 09, 2019

According to the latest study titled ‘Global Zeolite Molecular Sieve Market Growth 2019-2024’ available with Market Study Report LLC, the global zeolite molecular sieve market is estimated to accumulate US $1290 million by the year 2024.

Zeolite molecular sieves belong to the class of aluminosilicates and are highly porous crystalline materials. They are available in the form of pellets, beads and powder. The crystals are characterized by a three-dimensional pore system having pores of accurately defined diameter. The crystallographic structure of zeolite is formed by tetrahedra of aluminates (AlO4) and silicates (SiO4).

According to the study, the zeolite molecular sieve market was valued at US $1100 million in 2019 and is expected to register a growth rate of 2.6% over the predicted time period. The study analyzes the market for industry shares and growth opportunities by different segments. Furthermore, it provides an exhaustive understanding of trends, challenges, marketing strategies, distribution channels, consumer spectrum, and drivers influencing the market growth.

Based on type, the market is segmented as 4A, 3A, 5A, TypeX, zsm-5, and others. All these product forms have their special properties and are known for their water adsorption ability.

On the basis of application spectrum, the zeolite molecular sieve market is divided into petroleum refining, air separation, refrigerants, natural gas, petrochemicals, and others, wherein petroleum refining segment is presumed to grow significantly over the analysis timeframe, claims the report.

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Considering the geographical landscape, the global zeolite molecular sieve market is fragmented into four major regions. Middle East & Africa comprise of GCC countries, South Africa, Israel, Egypt, and Turkey; Americas consist of the United States, Brazil, Mexico, and Canada; Germany, Spain, Russia, France, UK, and Italy fall under Europe; and Korea, Australia, China, Southeast Asia, Japan, and India come under Asia Pacific.

Some of the vendors that operate in the global zeolite molecular sieve market outlined in the report comprise of CECA (Arkema), Henan Huanyu Molecular Sieve, UOP (Honeywell), Zhongbao Molecular Sieve, Grace, Tosoh Corporation, Luoyang Jianlong Chemical, ALSIO, Zeochem AG, KNT Group, CWK Chemiewerk Bad Kostritz GmbH, Zeolites & Allied Products, Zhengzhou Snow, Haixin Chemical, Shijiazhuang Jianda Gaoke, Shanghai Hengye, Fulong New Materials, Pingxiang Xintao, YuQing Fenzishai, Shanghai Jiu-Zhou Chemical, Shanghai Zeolite Molecular Sieve, and Anhui Mingmei Minchem.