San Diego Gas & Electric partners with Powin to construct a 26 MWh battery storage system in California

June 05, 2017

Powin Energy Corporation, a leading service provider of battery energy storage solutions for various sectors such as commercial & industrial, utility, and microgrid, has recently signed an agreement with the prestigious San Diego Gas & Electric (SDG&E) company to build a 26 MWh battery power storage technology in the state of California.

This move is reportedly assessed to optimize high energy output and contribute toward the maintenance of a green environment with optimum utilization of sustainable systems. Experts predict that similar agreements are likely to boost the share of global battery energy storage systems market over the years to come. In addition, Powin is renowned to offer cost-efficient and smart grid energy storage solutions to its customers. The company’s association with San Diego Gas & Electric will help the latter effectively manage the energy sources and create a strong value for the consumers.

The California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) has made it mandatory for the San Diego Gas & Electric company to secure a total of 165 MW of power storage by the year 2020, while all the pipeline projects are expected to be completely functional by 2024. Due to this, the company is projected to turn out to be one of the most prominent power utilities in the United States, by installing battery energy storage systems with more than 94 MW of deployed storage in twenty projects.

The joint venture between Powin and San Diego Gas & Electric, if approved by the CPUC, has been reported to be set up at the orange processing unit in Escondido, in California. Powin plans to deploy its Stack 140 kWh battery power storage array that scales down kilowatt applications to multiple megawatt applications in the most efficient and cost-effective way possible. This array runs on the battery pack OS and is easily available both in the outdoor and indoor models, and can be effectively integrated with the power grid to increase the supply of reliable electricity to various industrial units located near the region, as per their storage space requirements. This, in turn, say experts, will fulfill the energy requirements of the population and will help in reducing the greenhouse effect.

For the record, Powin Energy has also installed a 2 MW / 8 MWh energy storage system in Irvine, California, for Southern California Edison, which is apparently CPUC’s response to the Aliso Canyon natural gas leak.