Refined Functional Carbohydrates Market to surpass US $300 Mn by 2025

August 09, 2019

Global refined functional carbohydrates market is anticipated to surpass US $300 million by the year 2025, according to the latest research available at Market Study Report LLC, report provides extensively data on market share, growth, trends and forecasts for the period 2019-2025.

As the demand for superior quality animal products is increasing around the globe, the manufacturers are encouraged to adopt high-nutrition feed for the animals, which in turn is driving the growth of refined functional carbohydrates market. The product is used as a feed-additive in the form of D-mannose, bets glucan, and MOS to provide high nutritional value and enhance the immunity of animals against diseases. Growing R&D initiatives for improving feed additives quality and the rising concerns regarding the meat consumption will further fuel the product demand.

Refined functional carbohydrates when used as additive for animal fodder improve metabolism, promote optimum performance, and enhance productivity while enabling the animals to fight against diseases. Growing demand for meat and dairy products along with the awareness regarding natural growth promoters have urged farmers to introduce organic additives in animal diet, which in turn is contributing towards the refined functional carbohydrates market growth.

According to the study, the North America MOS market from calves/cattle application is presumed to amass US $7 million over the forecast period, owing to growing animal farming activities and need for maintaining better gut health of animals. The product functions as immunity booster and promotes the growth of healthy intestinal bacteria, which in turn result in production of high quality and functional products like eggs & milk, cites the report.

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Moreover, Europe refined functional carbohydrates market for beta glucan from poultry applications is expected to grow more than 7% by 2025. The major reason for the growth is accounted as the increasing need for antibiotic substitutes in animal feed market. The product is not only cost effective but is also known for improving the feed characteristics. The growing awareness among the consumers, regarding the importance of balanced, protein & nutrient rich diet for poultry animals, will present significant growth opportunities to the refined functional carbohydrates market.

The report cites that the main manufacturers of refined functional carbohydrates market are undertaking R&D activities to identify better additives and are increasing their production quality & quantity to meet the consumer demands. The major players operating in the market include Lallemand, Sweet Cures, DuPont Danisco, Super Beta Glucan, and Orffa.