Medical Ultrasonic Cleaners Market to amass $57 Mn by 2024

September 30, 2019

According to the recent study titled ‘Global medical ultrasonic cleaners market Growth 2019-2024’ available at, the worldwide medical ultrasonic cleaners market is predicted to accumulate US $57 million by the year 2024.

Operating on the principle of cavitation, ultrasonic cleaners use ultrasonic transducers which convert electric current to ultrasound, hence creating billions of tiny air bubbles in the cleaning solution. The object to be cleaned in placed in the cleaning solution, where the bubbles comes in contact with the object surface and burst with great force, hence stripping the away the contaminants.

Medical ultrasonic cleaners (MUC) are used for cleaning surgical and medical instruments. The cleaning is fast, efficient and thorough. Advancement in technology, need for maintaining contaminant-free instruments and getting precise results, and increasing demand from medical facilities will propel the growth of MUC market.

Based on the type, MUC market is bifurcated as single tank type and multi tank type, wherein the former segment dominated the market with 60% share in 2018. However, the study suggest that the trend is shifting and multi tank type medical ultrasonic cleaners market will register significant growth over the forecast period.

As per the report, the global MUC market was worth US $54 million in 2019 and is expected to grow with a CAGR of 0.9% over the analysis period. The market witnessed a momentous growth as number of units increased from 44103 in 2014 to 51838 in 2018.

Speaking of the application spectrum, the medical ultrasonic cleaners market is segmented as dental clinic, hospital, and other. Moreover, the study offers a comprehensive understanding about the market drivers, challenges, trends, and opportunities.

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Considering the regional contribution, Asia Pacific region dominated the MUC market with 39.34% share in 2018, while Europe MUC market held 29.24% share in the same year. Other regions studied for the market are Middle East & Africa and Americas.

The prominent contenders of medical ultrasonic cleaners market are Wilson, Medisafe International, KSJ, BANDELIN, Soniclean, Blue Wave Ultrasonics, Sharp, SharperTek, Ultrawave, L&R Ultrasonics, Laoken Medical Technology, ESMA, GT Sonic, and  Roboz Surgical Instrument.