Industrial Protective Fabrics Market to amass US $9 Bn by 2025

August 19, 2019

Worldwide industrial protective fabrics market is expected to cross US $9 billion by the year 2025, according to the latest research available at Market Study Report LLC, report provides extensively data on market share, growth, trends and forecasts for the period 2019-2025.

The industrial protective fabric is known to provide resistance against heat & flame, chemical, cut, and hazardous aerosol. These properties are beneficial for protection of workers at workplaces and enhance the operational efficiency, thereby increasing the demand for the product around the globe. Rapid industrialization and the need to provide safe working environment to the employees will fuel the growth of industrial protective fabrics market over the projected timeline, cites the study.

Based on the raw material type, the polyethylene industrial protective fabrics market is presumed to cross US $70 million by the year 2025, owing to the product usage in manufacturing bulletproof helmets, vests, and vehicles; add-on inserts, and aircraft & marine vessel armor panels. Polyethylene fabric provides properties such as toughness and resistance to vibration, water, UV and chemicals along with damping the high energy impact by absorption.

Moreover, polypropylene industrial protective fabric possesses anti-microbial properties which make it highly desirable in medical & hygiene segment as protective clothing for surgeons and patients. The polypropylene market segment is expected to accrue US $25 million over the forecast period. Other factors propelling product demand include heat & chemical resistance, translucence, toughness, semi-rigidity, fatigue resistance, and hinge integrity, cites the report.

According to the study, the EU Regulation 2016/425 outlines quality standards and mandates the selling & use of superior personal protective equipment in European market to provide better protection against workplace hazards. The US industries adhere to the standards laid by the OSHA for employee safety assurance. These factors are projected to add growth impetus to the industrial protective fabrics market.

On the basis of application, industrial protective fabrics market is expected to observe 7.5% gains from firemen suits application by the year 2025, owing to urbanization and significant increase in firefighting facilities leading to surging demand of firemen suits. The equipment is flame & chemical proof, moisture resistant, and enables air circulation.

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Additionally, industrial protective fabrics market from clean room clothing application is expected to grow more than 7.5% over the forecast timeframe, owing to the surging demand for the equipment from biotechnology and pharmaceutical sectors. The clean room clothing restricts the transfer of microbes, vapors, dust & aerosol particles from industrial worker to exterior surroundings.

In terms of regional contributions, China is anticipated to the lead the industrial protective fabrics market demonstrating a valuation of US $950 million by the year 2025, owing to the increased manufacturing activities and strict safety equipment regulations in the region. Moreover, the German industrial protective fabrics market is presumed to observe 6.5% growth over the forecast period. The regional growth is attributed to surging construction projects and growing infrastructural development. The product provides protection against electrical hazards, falls, and other objects.

The leading contenders of industrial protective fabrics market comprise of Teijin Limited, TenCate Protective Fabrics, DowDuPont, W. Barnet GmbH & Co. KG., and Milliken & Company.