Indirect Calorimeter Market to amass US $21 Mn by 2024

September 25, 2019

As per the recent study published at under the titled ‘Global Indirect Calorimeter Market Growth 2019-2024’, the worldwide indirect calorimeter market is estimated to accumulate US $21 million by the year 2024.

Indirect calorimetry is a process of measuring the amount of heat generated by a living organism. This in vivo method determines the oxygen consumption and carbon dioxide production when the body is at rest or in steady movement. It provides estimation about energy metabolism and substrate utilization rate based on type. The method also calculated nitrogen waste as ammonia is released in case of aquatic beings and urea in case of terrestrial organism.

The report cites that indirect calorimetry provides remarkable information and can be combined with varied experimental techniques to analyze the different aspects of thermogenesis, pathogenesis, nutrient assimilation and energy trends during exercise, thereby driving the market growth. The method is noninvasive, which will further propel the adoption of indirect calorimeter.

Based on the product type, the indirect calorimeter market is bifurcated into portable and desktop devices. While, on the basis of application spectrum, the market is segmented as sports & fitness and medical.

According to the report, the global indirect calorimeter market was worth US $18 million in 2019 and is projected to register a growth rate of 3.1% CAGR by the year 2024. The report also offer thorough perspective regarding the market challenges, opportunities, drivers, and trends.

Considering the geographical landscape, the indirect calorimeter market is divided into four major regions. Egypt, Israel, Turkey, South Africa, and GCC countries comprise Middle East & Africa; U.S., Brazil, Mexico, and Canada fall under Americas; Asia Pacific is split into Australia, China, India, Southeast Asia, India, and Korea; and Europe consists of Spain, Russia, UK, France, Germany, and Italy.

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Moreover, North America dominated the indirect calorimeter market in terms of consumption and held 45.53% share in 2017. Whereas, Europe indirect calorimeter market contributed 30.74% share in the same year.

The main contenders in indirect calorimeter market are Maastricht Instruments, MGC Diagnostics, Microlife, COSMED, KORR Medical Technologies, and Vyaire Medical.

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