Global Radio Access Network Market to expand significantly by 2023

October 16, 2019

As per the latest research report available with Market Study Report LLC under the title ‘Global Radio Access Network Market 2018 by Manufacturers, Countries, Type and Application, Forecast to 2023’, the worldwide radio access network market is projected to register significant expansion by the year 2023.

Being a part of the mobile telecommunication system, radio access network (RAN) uses the technology to setup connection between remotely controlled wireless devices and the core network. These wireless connected devices can either be mobile station, terminal equipment, or user equipment. Both the core network and user devices have silicon chip that enables the RAN functionality.

According to the report, swift adoption of digitization through technologies, such as IoT (Internet of Things), and machine to machine communication, along with the infiltration of smartphones with 4G feature are the main parameters aiding the growth of RAN market. The report also provides the synopsis of segmental shares, predicted expansion graphs, alongside the trends, challenges, and opportunities affecting the industry growth.

Based on type, radio access network market is categorized as 2G, 3G, 4G/LTE, and 5G. While, on the basis of application scope, the market is segmented as public venue environments, dense area urban, enterprise, and others.

Speaking of regional landscape, RAN market is fragmented into five main geographies; North America consists of Mexico, Canada, and United States; Brazil, Colombia, and Argentina form South America; Europe is split into Russia, Italy, France, UK, and Germany; Middle East & Africa comprise of Egypt, Saudi Arabia, UAE, South Africa, and Nigeria; and China, India, Korea, Japan, and Southeast Asia come under Asia Pacific.

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Moreover, North America is presumed to dominate the global radio access network market over the forecast period, pertaining to the technological advancements, increasing automation across various industries, and early adoption of 4G & 5G devices in the region. While, Asia Pacific RAN market is expected to witness lucrative growth opportunities over the analysis period, cites the report.

The key players operating in radio access network market are Huawei, LG Electronics, Ericsson, Qorvo, Nokia Networks, Airspan Networks, ZTE, Commscope, Samsung, Huber + Suhner, NEC, Verizon Communications, Cisco, AT&T, Qualcomm, Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Intel, Juniper Networks, and Fujitsu.