Global Firestop Sealants Market to surpass $ 850 Mn by 2025

October 09, 2019

According to the new research report available at under the title ‘Global Firestop Sealants Market Insights, Forecast to 2025’, the worldwide firestop sealants market is anticipated to amass US $850 million by the year 2025.

Firestop sealants are special type of sealants that prevent spreading of fire. They avert the fire by sealing openings of fire-rated interiors of a building, such as ceilings, floors or walls. The product possesses fire resistant properties with remarkable longevity and reduces formation of harmful toxins and smoke.

Firestop sealants need no maintenance during the installation process, are paintable, can be cleaned easily by water, and works as acoustic barrier as well. All these features are stimulating the demand for the product, thereby propelling the market growth. Moreover, growing concern for security and safety of lives and property globally will drive the firestop sealants market.

According to the report, firestop sealants market was worth US $570 million in 2018 and is predicted to grow at 5.2% CAGR by the year 2025. Also, the study offers a comprehensive insight about segmental growth, trends, drivers, challenges, opportunities impacting the industrial growth.

The global firestop sealants market is examined on the basis of type, application spectrum and geographical landscape. Based on the type, the market is segmented as intumescent type and elastomeric type. While considering the application spectrum, the market is fragmented as commercial building, residential building, industrial building, and others.

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Speaking of the geographical landscape, the market is divided into five major regions; Europe comprises of UK, France, Russia, Italy, Spain, and Germany; the U.S., Canada and Mexico fall under North America; Egypt, South Africa, Turkey, GCC countries and rest of Middle East & Africa fall under Middle East & Africa region; South America comprises of rest of Central & South America and Brazil; and India, Thailand, Indonesia, Japan, China, Vietnam, Australia, South Korea, Philippines, and Malaysia come under Asia Pacific.

The prominent manufacturers operating in firestop sealants market include Specified Technologies, Hilti, Everbuild (Sika AG), 3M Company, Tremco, Rockwool, Bostik (Arkema), H.B. Fuller, Bai Yun Chemical, Fosroc (JMH Group), Metacaulk (Rectorseal), Pecora, Promat, Trafalgar Fire, Nelson Firestop (Emerson), and ENTC Nuclear Technology.