Electric Two-wheeler Market to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% over 2018-2026

April 11, 2019

Global electric two-wheeler market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 7.5% during the forecast period, according to the latest research available at Market Study Report LLC, report provides detailed segmentation of the electric two-wheeler market based on type, Battery Capacity, Technology and region.

Electric two-wheelers include electric scooters, electric bicycles, electric motorcycles, and others, which get their power from an electrical power source. These two-wheelers are light in weight, easy to handle, compact, and extremely fuel efficient. An engineering firm located in Austria, Johammer, has reportedly developed an ultramodern electric cruiser, dubbed as the Johammer J1. This futuristic bike is fortified with a 2.4 inches digital display connected to rear-view mirrors, which shows speed, warnings, and revs. The maximum speed offered by this bike is 75 mph garnering an acceleration of 62 mph in eight seconds. It is designed with controller and motor joined into the rear wheel to boost shock absorbance.

As per the insights delivered by the recent study, it has been observed that the demand for electrically powered two-wheelers has surged over the last few years owing to the depletion of conventional fuel deposits, and burgeoning environmental concerns. The increasing awareness pertaining to environmental pollution generated by vehicles using traditional fuel power, and the rapid development of public charging infrastructure has substantially boosted the demand for electric two-wheelers across the globe. Several governments worldwide are introducing strict regulations concerning vehicular emissions, which is adding positive momentum to market growth. Governments have also introduced various laws and regulations to keep track of vehicular emission. On account of such regulations two-wheeler manufacturers have started deploying advanced technologies in their vehicles to combat high emissions, thereby supporting industry growth.

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The research study delivers an all-embracing quantitative & qualitative analysis of the prevailing market trends & growth opportunities of the global electric two-wheeler market, 2017-2026. This report provides an all-inclusive geographic distribution of the market across South America, APAC, Europe, North America, and MEA. North America is further bifurcated into Mexico, Canada, and United States. Europe market is segmented into Italy, UK, Germany, France, and Rest of Europe. Asia-Pacific is divided into Japan, China, India, and Rest of Asia-Pacific.

The report cites that Asia-Pacific amassed the highest revenue in the year 2017 on account of surging awareness pertaining to environment and surging vehicular population. The growing depletion of resources, and presence of public charging stations have boosted the adoption of electric two-wheelers in the region.

The global market is marked by the presence of immensely diversified international, small & medium-sized vendors. To enhance their product portfolio these firms are constantly introducing new products in the market. Leading organizations are acquiring other organizations and augmenting their product offerings to boost their global reach. The key players profiled in this business space include Yadea Technology Group, Zhejiang Luyuan Electric Vehicle, Zero Motorcycles, Sanyang Industry, Energica Motor company, Alta Motors, Yobykes, Guangzhou Camqi Electric Vehicle, Jiangsu Xinri E-Vehicle Co. Ltd., and Ampere Vehicles.