Cargill to acquire chicken products manufacturer Pollos El Bucanero to penetrate the Colombian market

June 06, 2017

The sprawling conglomerate of Cargill, headquartered in Minnesota, has recently acquired Pollos El Bucanero, one of the most prominent producers of chicken and processed meat, based in Colombia, Latin America. Cargill is reportedly focusing on regional business expansion where the overall industry competition is lesser as compared to other regions. According to reliable sources, this strategy accounted for a significant share of Cargill’s total valuation for the year 2015-2016.

As per earlier news reports, the year 2015 witnessed Cargill set priorities such as enhanced productivity and superior scale to increase the profit margins. In the same year, Cargill had also acquired Ewos, a renowned Norwegian salmon-feed manufacturing firm, and had set a new level of competitiveness for itself. One of the company’s senior officials was quoted saying that in the next few years, Cargill is expected to lead the meat processing, animal feed, food ingredients like corn-based sweeteners, and oilseed trading markets.

With the acquisition of Pollos El Bucanero, which holds a modest share of global processed meat market, in addition to accumulating a substantial share of the LATAM market, Cargill is setting new avenues across Colombia under the brand name Bucanero. As per statistics, more than 170 farms are connected with Bucanero, and it possesses a workforce of close to 5000. This acquisition is expected to increase the number of employees working under the Cargill brand across Latin America to 35,000.

One of the executives of Cargill, Inc., announced that the firm has been very keen on expanding its base across Latin America. It has also been reported that the acquisition will direct the company to become a thriving integrated operating firm as compared to its initial decentralized operational functionality.

This deal will help Cargilll expand its protein business across Colombia and eventually, other LATAM nations. With an experience of more than 50 years in the protein business, across four continents, Cargill, with its acquisition of Bucanero will help the latter enhance its already rich experience profile of more than 30 years, and ultimately contribute toward improvised customer relationships and increased profits. Legal experts guarantee that this deal is slated to become rather beneficial growth avenue for the employees, communities, and customers in every prospect, across LATAM.

While Pollos El Bucanero already has an established global presence, this agreement will help increase its brand value, as Cargill has a rather strong hold in global food market. Cargill’s experience gained when working with other countries will reportedly be a major factor for the company to expertly understand the cultural taste differences and enhance the quality and standards of their products over the years ahead.