Brewing Enzymes market to amass momentous growth by 2025

October 14, 2019

According to the new research report available at under the title ‘Global (United States, European Union and China) Brewing Enzymes Market Research Report 2019-2025’, the worldwide brewing enzymes market is presumed to accumulate significant growth by the year 2025.

Brewing refers to the process of beer manufacturing in which starch sugar is converted to ethyl alcohol through the action of yeast. Wine and beer manufacturers continue to look for innovative solutions to increase productivity and maintain safety standards to meet the customer demand. Brewing enzymes, such as proteases, glucanase, amylases, and cellulase, increases sugar yield, enhance yeast growth, and fastens the fermentation process, hence increasing the brewing capacity of breweries. Unhindered focus of beer & wine manufacturers towards improving the efficiency and capacity is the main driver fueling the growth of brewing enzymes market.

Rapid urbanization, prominence of nuclear double-income families, and changing lifestyles are lead to increasing in the consumption of alcohol, which in turn is propelling the market growth, cites the report. It also provides a comprehensive insight about trends, drivers, challenges, and opportunities impacting the brewing enzymes industry growth.

The global brewing enzymes market is analyzed on the basis of product type, application spectrum and regional outlook. Speaking of the product type, the market is segmented as powder and liquid. While considering the application spectrum, the market is fragmented as wine and beer.

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Based on the regional outlook, the brewing enzymes market is divided into four major regions which are United States, China, European Union and rest of the world including Japan, Korea, India and Southeast Asia. Moreover, the study encompasses the details about revenue shares, anticipated growth trends, and market valuation over the analysis timeline for each geography.

The prominent companies operating in brewing enzymes market include Enzyme Innovation, Novozymes, Biocatalysts, DSM, Aumgene Biosciences, DowDuPont, Enzyme Development, Amano Enzyme, Brenntag, Chr. Hansen, Kerry Group, and Associated British Foods.