Audi to expand its business space in the United States, utility car sales set to soar across the country

June 13, 2017

Audi, the reputed German automaker and a major player in global automotive market, has reportedly decided to increase its utility vehicle sales in the U.S. The firm is looking forward to manufacture not just luxury cars, but also more of the utility cars that provide consumers with a better alternative in terms of utility and convenience. New additions to the utility vehicle disposition in the U.S.  include A4 Allroad and A5 Sportback. These cars are expected to play a vital role in the firm’s business growth strategy to raise the sales of the utility automobiles and thus contribute toward a massive share of the overall valuation.

Crossovers are the key part of Audi’s lineup across the U.S. and the firm is trying to produce more SUVs (sport utility vehicles) to fulfill the consumer demand as well as compete with its arch rival, Mercedes. Quattro-equipped SUVs are compact and highly popular among the consumers. Hence, Audi wants to improve its design by introducing new models to attract more customers and raise its revenue through extensive vehicle sales. The firm encompasses the Q3, Q7, and Q5 SUVs along with SQ5 & RSQ3 performance versions of Quattro-equipped sport utility vehicles. The new Q models, which are going to be introduced in the automotive sector in the near future, could be more compact, falling between the ranges of Q3 and Q5 or Q5 and Q7.

Of late, Audi, also a key player in global autonomous car market, has not been experiencing the same kind of sales or revenue that it used to accrue in the past few years. Experts state that one of the key reasons that can be attributed to the downsizing of the firm’s sales is the consumer shift to crossovers in the SUV sector. However, the fact remains that there are still many customers who prefer other Audi models. Besides, the firm intends to launch many more of the sport back models in the U.S. as a substitute to the crossovers. In addition, automobiles such as hatchbacks and wagons are also anticipated to play a vital role in contributing toward Audi’s profits by improving its revenue through the sales across the U.S.

Audi has constantly been working on revising every one of its car models, which is likely to be completed by 2018. The vehicle sales of the organization have climbed to a record high for the consecutive 77th month across America, making Audi a big brand in the automotive sector. Its sales in America have been more than double for its marque since 2010, the year when Audi was successful in selling 100,000 units to its end-users.