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U.S. Negative Pressure Escape Masks Market Size By Application (Industrial, Medical & Healthcare, Military & Aviation, Public Service), Industry Analysis Report, Country Outlook Growth Potential, Price Trends, Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2020 - 2026

The U.S. negative pressure escape mask market is poised to witness a phase of lucrative revenue growth owing to a rapidly growing product demand from several application avenues. In fact, increasing demand from application sectors such as healthcare & medical, industrial, aviation, military, and public service among others is expected to chalk out a momentous growth trend for the market in coming years.

A negative-pressure mask, or respirator, is a mask where there is an air pressure on the inside of the facepiece. This pressure is in the negative in respect to pressure outside the mask during inhalation process. A negative-pressure mask utilizes chemical media and mechanical filters to ensure that the user is not breathing in tainted air.

Dust masks can also be classified as negative-pressure respirators or masks if they incorporate a seal. However, it is to be noted that the inexpensive dust, pollen masks, and other loosely-fitting masks that are found at drug stores are not considered negative-pressure respirators.

In many instances, negative pressure devices depend on the wearer to breathe in through the filter to effectively pull in air for purification. These respirators can also disposable in nature, half-mask respirators, or full facemasks. These devices can offer effective protection against vapors, gases, particulates, or a combination of these, based on the filters used.

There are powered systems that will offer the level of same protection as that provided by a negative pressure mask with the same amount filters offered. However, the sole difference between these is that a powered respirator relies on a battery, motor, and a fan to perform the task of pulling in the air.

The overall industry for negative pressure escape mask in U.S. is bifurcated into different segments on the basis of application, namely, healthcare & medical, industrial, aviation, military, public service, and others. 

Among these, the industrial application segment is set to witness momentous growth as negative pressure escape masks find immense applications in numerous industries such as manufacturing, chemical, marine, nuclear, metal fabrication, mining, food & beverages, textile, and aerospace among others.

The medical & healthcare segment size was valued at over $9 million in 2019. Negative pressure escape masks are widely used in medical and healthcare industry during drug formulation in labs.

The others application segment is earmarked to fuel an elevated business trend for the market over the forthcoming years. The others application segment is concerned with construction and agriculture sectors. In construction industry passive air purifying respirators such disposable half face mask respirator and reusable face masks are used to protect workers from the particles of sand, cement, and saw dust among others that are found plentiful at construction sites. 

Additionally, they also protect the wearers from hazardous fumes of the paints and coatings, making them essential safety equipment. Typically, a common toxic gas in the construction sector includes carbon monoxide from engine exhaust.

Given that the U.S. is increasingly focusing on upgradation and maintenance of its existing infrastructure, the demand for such masks from construction activities in likely to increase manifold. The infrastructure upgradation initiative is also expected to address the issue of increasing unemployment rates, as it could create many employment opportunities at a time when COVID-19 has ravaged the economy. 

In fact, in July of 2020, the Trump administration was contemplating a momentous $1 trillion infrastructure proposal under its push to kickstart the nation's economy. Infrastructure budget has long been a tool that lawmakers have leveraged as a way to stimulate economic growth, and the coronavirus pandemic is further renewing calls to expedite road development and other infrastructure projects as a way to create more jobs. The president of Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco, Mary C. Daly, had also called for infrastructure related public-works spending, which included projects that can help low-income bracket people. This emerging trend is likely to play a major role in fostering the industry growth over the forecast timeframe.
Report Content
Chapter 1   Methodology And Scope
1.1    Methodology
1.2    Market definition
1.3    Base estimation & working
1.3.1    U.S.
1.4    Market estimation & forecast parameters
1.4.1    COVID-19 impact calculations on industry forecast
1.5    Data sources
1.5.1    Primary
1.5.2    Secondary    Paid    Public
Chapter 2   Executive Summary
2.1    U.S. Negative Pressure Escape Mask industry 360 degree synopsis, 2016 - 2026
2.1.1    Business trends
2.1.2    Application trends
Chapter 3   US Negative Pressure Escape Mask Industry Insights
3.1    Industry segmentation
3.2    Industry size and forecast, 2016 - 2026
3.2.1    COVID-19 impact on industry landscape
3.3    Industry ecosystem analysis
3.3.1    Vendor matrix
3.3.2    Distribution channel analysis
3.4    Impact of COVID-19
3.4.1    Demand & supply gap for negative pressure escape masks
3.5    Industry impact forces
3.5.1    Growth drivers    Stringent occupational safety and health standards in North America    Strong product demand in medical & healthcare industry in North America
3.5.2    Industry pitfalls & challenges    High product prices in the industrial sector
3.6    Growth potential analysis, 2019
3.7    Regulatory landscape
3.7.1    U.S.
3.8    Porter's analysis
3.8.1    Supplier industry
3.8.2    Buyer industry
3.8.3    Threat of new entrants
3.8.4    Threat of substitutes
3.8.5    Industry rivalry
3.9    Company market share analysis, 2019
3.9.1    Strategic dashboard    New product development    Capacity addition    Mergers/tie-ups    Government funding/independent investment
3.10    PESTEL analysis
3.11    Price trends
3.11.1    Cost structure analysis    R&D cost    Manufacturing & equipment cost    Raw material cost    Distribution cost    Operating cost    Miscellaneous cost
3.11.2    Raw material trends
Chapter 4   US Negative Pressure Escape Mask Market, By Application
4.1    U.S. negative pressure escape mask market application insights
4.2    Industrial
4.2.1    Market estimates and forecast, 2016 - 2026
4.3    Medical & healthcare
4.3.1    Market estimates and forecast, 2016 - 2026
4.4    Military & aviation
4.4.1    Market estimates and forecast, 2016 - 2026
4.5    Public service
4.5.1    Market estimates and forecast, 2016 - 2026
4.6    Others
4.6.1    Market estimates and forecast, 2016 - 2026
Chapter 5   Company Profiles
5.1    3M
5.1.1    Business overview
5.1.2    Financial data
5.1.3    Product landscape
5.1.4    SWOT analysis
5.1.5    Strategic outlook
5.2    Mine Safety Appliances (MSA)
5.2.1    Business overview
5.2.2    Financial data
5.2.3    Product landscape
5.2.4    SWOT analysis
5.2.5    Strategic outlook
5.3    Honeywell International Inc.
5.3.1    Business overview
5.3.2    Financial data
5.3.3    Product landscape
5.3.4    SWOT analysis
5.3.5    Strategic outlook
5.4    RPB Safety LLC
5.4.1    Business overview
5.4.2    Financial data
5.4.3    Product landscape
5.4.4    SWOT analysis
5.4.5    Strategic outlook
5.5    Bullard
5.5.1    Business overview
5.5.2    Financial data
5.5.3    Product landscape
5.5.4    SWOT analysis
5.5.5    Strategic outlook
5.6    Delta Plus Group
5.6.1    Business overview
5.6.2    Financial data
5.6.3    Product landscape
5.6.4    SWOT analysis
5.6.5    Strategic outlook
5.7    The Gerson Company
5.7.1    Business overview
5.7.2    Financial data
5.7.3    Product landscape
5.7.4    SWOT analysis
5.7.5    Strategic outlook
5.8    ILC Dover
5.8.1    Business overview
5.8.2    Financial data
5.8.3    Product landscape
5.8.4    SWOT analysis
5.8.5    Strategic outlook
5.9    Gentex Corporation
5.9.1    Business overview
5.9.2    Financial data
5.9.3    Product landscape
5.9.4    SWOT analysis
5.9.5    Strategic outlook
5.10    Shigematsu Works Company Limited
5.10.1    Business overview
5.10.2    Financial data
5.10.3    Product landscape
5.10.4    SWOT analysis
5.10.5    Strategic outlook
5.11    RSG Safety BV
5.11.1    Business overview
5.11.2    Financial data
5.11.3    Product landscape
5.11.4    SWOT analysis
5.11.5    Strategic outlook
5.12    Moldex-Metric Inc
5.12.1    Business overview
5.12.2    Financial data
5.12.3    Product landscape
5.12.4    SWOT analysis
5.12.5    Strategic outlook
5.13    Drägerwerk AG & Co. KGaA
5.13.1    Business overview
5.13.2    Financial data
5.13.3    Product landscape
5.13.4    SWOT analysis
5.13.5    Strategic outlook
5.14    Cam Lock Limited
5.14.1    Business overview
5.14.2    Financial data
5.14.3    Product landscape
5.14.4    SWOT analysis
5.14.5    Strategic outlook
5.15    Kasco srl
5.15.1    Business overview
5.15.2    Financial data
5.15.3    Product landscape
5.15.4    SWOT analysis
5.15.5    Strategic outlook
5.16    Scandia Gear Europe B.V.
5.16.1    Business overview
5.16.2    Financial data
5.16.3    Product landscape
5.16.4    SWOT analysis
5.16.5    Strategic outlook

Data Tables Table 1. U.S. negative pressure escape mask industry 360 degree synopsis, 2016 - 2026 Table 2. U.S. negative pressure escape mask market estimates & forecast, 2016 - 2026, (USD Million) Table 3. U.S. negative pressure escape mask market revenue, by application, 2016 - 2026, (USD Million) Table 4. Vendor matrix Table 5. Industry impact forces Table 6. Strategic dashboard Table 7. U.S. negative pressure escape mask market revenue estimates & forecast for industrial, (USD Million), 2016 - 2026 Table 8. U.S. negative pressure escape mask market revenue estimates & forecast for medical & healthcare, (USD Million), 2016 - 2026 Table 9. U.S. negative pressure escape mask market revenue estimates & forecast for military & aviation, (USD Million), 2016 - 2026 Table 10. U.S. negative pressure escape mask market revenue estimates & forecast for public service, (USD Million), 2016 - 2026 Table 11. U.S. negative pressure escape mask market revenue estimates & forecast for other applications, (USD Million), 2016 - 2026 Charts & Figures FIG. 1. Industry segmentation FIG. 2. negative pressure escape mask market revenue (USD Million), 2016 - 2026 FIG. 3. Industry ecosystem analysis FIG. 4. Growth potential analysis FIG. 5. Porter's analysis FIG. 6. PESTEL analysis FIG. 7. Regional price trends (USD/Kilo) FIG. 8. Cost structure analysis FIG. 9. SWOT analysis, FIG. 13 SWOT Analysis, 3M 62 FIG. 10. SWOT Analysis, Mine Safety Appliances FIG. 11. SWOT Analysis, Honeywell International Inc. FIG. 12. SWOT Analysis, RPB Safety LLC FIG. 13. SWOT Analysis, Bullard FIG. 14. SWOT Analysis, Delta Plus Group FIG. 15. SWOT Analysis, The Gerson Company FIG. 16. SWOT Analysis, ILC Dover FIG. 17. SWOT Analysis, Gentex Corporation FIG. 18. SWOT Analysis, Shigemitsu Works Company Limited FIG. 19. SWOT Analysis, RSG Safety BV FIG. 20. SWOT Analysis, Moldex Metric Inc. FIG. 21. SWOT Analysis, Dragerwerk AG & Co. KGaA 94 FIG. 22. SWOT Analysis, Cam Lock Limited FIG. 23. SWOT Analysis, Kasco srl FIG. 24. SWOT Analysis, Scandia Gear Europe B.V.

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