Turf Protection Flooring Rental Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecast to 2025

As per the credible estimates, turf protection flooring rental industry is predicted grow considerably through 2025. Surging investments towards infrastructural development along with rapid urbanization are bolstering the demand for natural as well as synthetic turfs, hence providing impetus to the sales of turf protection products. Growing consumer inclination towards aesthetics and rising installation of outdoor lawns are also driving the market growth.

As the name suggests, the products are used to minimize the damage to turfs, while enhancing the convenience during events. Tiles used for turf protection allows sunlight to penetrate, creating a canopy of vapor between turf and underside of tile. As the sun sets, the moisture condenses and drops back to the ground, which further helps in recycling the water and maintain the quality of the grass.

Turf protection flooring creates a flat surface over the turf that can withstand food & drink spills, staging & audio equipment, foot traffic and heavy weight. With surge in events across the globe, event organizers and stadium owners are opting for renting turf protection products, as they are costly. This factor, in consort with long lifespan of turf protection flooring is augmenting the market expansion.

As per type, the industry is split into product for synthetic turf fields and product for natural turf fields. The latter segment is expected to display moderate growth during the forecast period. Natural turf protection products such as mesh covers, mats etc. help to maintain the functionality and aesthetics of natural turfs. Notably, natural turf enhances the quality of air through purification, assists in cooling the surrounding area, reduces runoff and improves the quality of soil. Rising preference for natural aesthetic solutions and growing environmental awareness are contributing towards popularity of natural turf protection products across the globe.

Based on the application spectrum, turf protection flooring rental industry share from entertainment activities is presumed to grow substantially in the ensuing years. Growing inclination towards utilizing sport stadiums for entertainment purposes is prime factor aiding the segmental growth. Rising popularity of music concerts, award functions, and social gatherings among the millennials is fostering the adoption of rental turf protection flooring for entertainment activities.

As per the regional analysis, global turf protection flooring rental industry is split into North America, Asia-Pacific, South America, Europe and Middle East & Africa with primary contribution from Mexico, Canada, U.S., Australia, India, Korea, Japan, China, Southeast Asia, Colombia, Argentina, Brazil, Italy, Russia, UK, France, Germany, South Africa, Nigeria, Egypt, UAE and Saudi Arabia.

Meanwhile, North America market is poised to acquire decent gains over the next five years, primarily due to numerous golf course, sports stadium and concert lawn in the region. Escalating investments by public and private entities towards sustainable development and widespread preference for renting turf protection products are also promoting the business scenario in North America.

Jayline, Signature Systems Group, Field Protection Agency, Guangzhou Getian, Covermaster, Matrax, PROFLOOR and Terraplas are some market majors. These companies are focusing on R&D of innovative products, while concentrating on conducting various business strategies such as mergers & acquisitions in order to amplify their industry stake.

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