Pump in Lubrication Application Market Research Report 2025

Lubrication systems use pumps for directing lubricants from the reservoir to all the lubrication points of the machine. Rapid growth of automotive and construction industries is boosting the adoption of these systems. Lubricating pumps aid in extending the lifespan of machines. They improve the reliability while minimizing the maintenance costs by ensuring proper flow of lubricants, thereby reducing the friction between the moving parts. This factor coupled with growing concern over improper lubrication and bearing failures in a machine are positively impacting the market growth. Surging demand for automated lubrication system as it ensures controlled release of lubricants to multiple lubrication points at the right time via a centralized control, is further enhancing the business outlook. As per the trusted projections, global pump in lubrication application market is expected to record substantial growth during 2020-2025.

Increasing incorporation of lubrication systems in metal and mining industry for the maintenance of various equipment subjected to heavy loads, extreme temperature, and harsh environment is expected to support the growth of global pump in lubrication application market.  Citing an instance, in 2017, Graco Inc. rolled out the A4000 Reciprocating LubePro, a single-line parallel oil and grease pump with the ability to fire hundreds of injectors at once by utilizing Graco’s field-proven Merkur air motor. Such innovations coupled with their growing application across various end-user industries such as food & beverage will foster the market growth.

Based on the type, pump in lubrication application market is classified into internal gear pump, screw pump, external gear pump, and rotary vane pump. Screw pump segment is expected to see considerable growth during the analysis period. Superior suction capability is favoring the product installation in long pipelines. Optimal operational efficiency at high motor speeds, cost saving benefit owing to efficient design, small footprint, and long lifespan are the major benefits fueling the product demand.

Speaking of the application spectrum, the market is categorized into vacuum oil-filter machinery, compressor refrigeration unit, oil burning boiler, lube oil product plant, lubrication station, and others. Oil burning boilers are being deployed widely across regions with low availability of natural gas. Their compatibility with renewable fuels is a major factor driving the product adoption. Growing focus among manufacturers to provide a composite of heating oil and biodiesel is supporting the segment growth.

As per the regional analysis, United States, Mexico, Canada, Germany, United Kingdom, France, Russia, Italy, China, Korea, Japan, India, Southeast Asia, Brazil, Argentina, Egypt, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, and South Africa are major contributors of global pump in lubrication application market.

The U.S. pump in lubrication application market is expected to amass modest gains during the study period, owing to increasing number of oil exploration and mining activities in the region.  

Tuthill, IDEX Corp., Huangbeng, Johnson, Rotan, Tianjin Pumps & Machinery, Hebei Hengsheng, Blackmer, and Kratch are the key contenders of global pump in lubrication application market.

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