Plasma Display Panel Market Research Report 2025

As per credible predictions, plasma display panel market is set to record a remunerative growth through 2025. Rising per capita income along with growing inclination towards home theatres are prime factors fostering the demand for plasma display panels across the globe. Surging penetration of internet and advent of high quality streaming services along with popularity of online entertainment content are also driving the market growth.

Inflowing investment by public and private entities to modernize and improve the infrastructure various stadiums and concerts halls is favoring the market outlook. Notably, plasma display panels can render deeper blacks and offer superior brightness. These displays are capable of generating better quality images owing to improved true color contrast ratio and higher refresh rate. They not only provide better color accuracy but also offer wider viewing angles and uniform illumination as compared to LCDs. Advancements in technology pertaining to plasma display panels along with increasing awareness regarding the advantages of the product are aiding the market expansion. However, widespread adoption of LCD screens owing to their low operating and maintenance cost may hinder the overall market growth.

As per the product type, global plasma display panel market is categorized into small size display below 42 inches, large size display above 51 inches, and middle size display between 42-51 inches. The 42 inches plasma display panel market segment is expected to register significant growth during the forthcoming period. These panels are not only smaller in size but also relatively inexpensive as compared to its counterparts. Although the screen ratio is limited, increasing utilization of such displays for small sized TVs allows better picture quality and reduced power consumption, which in turn is fueling the segmental growth.

Based on the application terrain, the market is classified into seamless video wall, plasma TV, and others. The plasma TV application segment is presumed to expand momentously during the estimated timeframe. Growing inclination towards home theatres due to easy availability of large sized and superior quality plasma TVs along with shifting preference for smart home equipment are stimulating the industry outlook.

Regionally, global plasma display panel market is split into North America, Europe, Asia-Pacific, South America, and Middle East & Africa. North America market is poised to acquire notable gains in the forthcoming years. Increasing disposable income coupled with rising preference for smart TVs is augmenting the demand for plasma display panels across the region. Soaring adoption of large screen displays in sport stadiums and recreational centers is promoting the market outlook in North America.

Panasonic, Samsung, Pioneer, LG, Hitachi (Fujitsu), and Changhong are some of the eminent players functioning in plasma display panel market. These market behemoths are focusing on conducting various business strategies such as mergers & acquisitions and innovative product launches in order to gain a competitive edge in the overall market.

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