Gelatin Capsule Market Research Report Analysis and Forecasts to 2025

Going by the estimates of reliable sources, the global gelatin capsule market is presumed to expand with 6.6% CAGR during 2020-2025, hence crossing a market valuation of USD 5012 million by the year 2025. Surging occurrence of lifestyle disorders like diabetes and cardiovascular diseases is fueling the demand for empty gelatin capsules across the globe. These capsules have better bioavailability along with being safe and cost-effective. Changing dietary trend, and rising consumer awareness towards nutraceuticals is augmenting the growth of gelatin capsule market.

Inflowing investments in R&D across pharmaceutical industry will further boost the market expansion. One of the major milestones is the introduction of capsule-in-capsule technology which is used for gastric-sensitive active ingredients. This factor, in consort with increasing number of clinical trials focused at improving the encapsulation and enhancing the efficacy of new and existing drugs is bolstering the demand for the product.

However, gelatin is obtained from animals which is raising concerns regarding animal safety across the globe. Various religious and cultural practices restrict the consumption of animal products, thereby restricting to the growth of gelatin capsule market to some extent. Availability of vegetarian capsules which are suitable for vegetarian as well as vegan consumers, along with escalating price of gelatin, limited availability of raw materials, and stringent pharmaceutical standards might further withhold market growth.

Considering the type, the global gelatin capsule market is divided into hard gelatin capsule and soft gelatin capsule. The hard gelatin capsule market segment currently accounts for considerable revenue share and is expected to grow modestly over the analysis timeframe. These capsules are less expensive, easily digestible, have longer shelf-life, and assist controlled drug delivery, which is projected to amplify their sales in the approaching years.

Moving over to the application terrain, the industry is categorized into preparation of drugs and preparation of healthcare products. The global gelatin capsule market from preparation of drugs application segment is predicted to register lucrative gains during the forecast timeline, pertaining to rising instances of chronic ailments like obesity, along with increasing death toll associated with cardiovascular disorders. Growing geriatric population coupled with increasing adoption of oral capsules as preferred route of administration will promote the segmental growth in the upcoming years.

Speaking of the regional landscape, the global gelatin capsule market is bifurcated into four main geographies, namely, Europe, Middle East & Africa, Americas, and Asia Pacific. Americas is split into Mexico, United States, Brazil, and Canada; Europe is comprised of Spain, Germany, France, Russia, Italy, and UK; GCC Countries, Egypt, Turkey, South Africa, and Israel fall under Middle East & Africa; and Asia Pacific is fragmented into Australia, China, India, Southeast Asia, Japan, and Korea.

Asia Pacific gelatin capsule market is slated to witness decent growth during 2020-2025, on account of evolving healthcare infrastructure. Moreover, increasing geriatric population, rising awareness regarding healthy lifestyle, and growing popularity of dietary supplements will prompt the demand for gelatin capsules across Asia Pacific.

Roxlor, Capsugel, Suheung, Qualicaps, ACG ACPL, Farmacapsulas SA, Erawat Pharma Ltd., Lefan Capsule, Dah Feng Capsule, Shing Lih Fang, Yili Capsule, MEIHUA Group, Qinhai Gelatin Company, Nectar Lifesciences Ltd., Huangshan Capsule, Angtai, and Kangke are the major players functioning in the global gelatin capsule market.

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