Ethical Banking to Acquire Mass Affluent Consumers

Published by: | Published Date: June, 2015 | Number of pages: 25


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Banks have been slow to recognize the demand for ethical products; however, consumers are increasingly factoring environmental and social issues into their decision-aking.

-onsider the demand for ethical banking and develop well-esigned products.
-cquire an understanding of mass affluent consumers' needs and ways to cater to these.

Reasons To Buy
-ow can providers make money from serving mass affluent consumers?
-hat should providers consider when serving the mass affluent?
-ow does ethical banking attract the mass affluent segment?

Key Highlights
Ethical offerings could be "deepened" to appeal to a greater number of well-ff individuals with the resources to commit to high-mpact social investment.

For banks, the higher growth among the mass affluent segment provides a significant opportunity. Mass affluent individuals are more likely to have higher balances and require niche products, providing additional revenue opportunities as well as improved scale.