Asia Pacific Oil Storage Tank Service Market Size, Industry Analysis Report, Country Outlook (China, India, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, South Korea, Japan, Australia), Competitive Market Share & Forecast, 2019 - 2025

Asia Pacific Oil Storage Tank Service Market is anticipated to exceed USD 210 Million by 2025. Adoption of stringent regulatory mandates to avoid collateral damage will positively influence the demand for the services pertaining to maintenance and cleaning of oil storage tanks.

Some major findings of the Asia Pacific oil storage tank service market report include:
      -   	The demand for oil storage service is surging across midstream and downstream sector due to rise in investment toward the expansion of refining capacity. 

      -   	Surging crude oil production coupled with recovering oil prices has significantly favored the upgradation and expansion of various tank farms, depots and terminals.

      -   	Shifting focus toward the advanced automated systems is anticipated to drive the industry growth. 

      -   	Major players operating in the Asia Pacific oil storage tank service market include John Wood Group, MISTRAS Group, and Zaopin Technologies, etc.

      -   	Companies have introduced digitally integrated solutions for monitoring & diagnosis of the tanks so as to gain a competitive edge in the industry.

      -   	The government authorities have introduced various amendments pertaining to inspection, cleaning and maintenance of existing storage facilities.

Increasing investments to provide substantial protection from extreme conditions in order to avoid various technical losses will surge the Asia Pacific oil storage tank service market. Technically advanced facilities owing to their high corrosion resistivity and efficiency are significantly gaining acceptance across the midstream and downstream sector. Soaring demand for high value crude oil has compelled the authorities to regularly inspect the storage depots thereby, enhancing the tank cleaning service adoption.

Introduction of stringent mandates to avoid potential hazards will propel the Asia Pacific oil storage tank service market growth. In addition, growing concerns towards energy security and environment protection will further expand the industry outlook over the forecast period. For instance, Government of India has established oil industry safety directorate (OISD) which is responsible for formulating self-regulatory measures towards enhancing the terminal safety. 

Singapore oil storage tank service industry is projected to witness growth over 6% by 2025. The increasing net crude import along with significant refining infrastructure has positively influenced the demand for storage facilities and its associated services. For instance, according to the Energy Market Authority of Singapore, the total crude oil imported in Singapore has reached 57,954.2 ktoe in 2017 from 46,324.2 ktoe in 2011.  In addition, rising trade flows with exclusive strategic measures to develop the existing reserve capacity will accelerate oil storage tank service market over the forecast period.

Increasing investments towards the development of smart monitoring and cleaning devices to enhance the service safety index will proliferate the oil storage tank service market across Asia Pacific. Furthermore, the introduction of various economical service packages comprising of both manual and automated systems will drive the industry outlook over the forecast period.  

Demand to boost the existing refining capacity in order to effectively cater the growing population will drive the China oil storage tank service market. Increasing demand for hydrocarbons in the country has necessitated for periodic assessment of existing oil storage facilities which will positively influence the regional industry growth. Furthermore, the introduction of several online technologies including guided robots, drones, and corrosion detecting equipment will stimulate the business outlook over the forecast timeframe. 

The key industry players including John Wood Group PLC, Veolia, SP Nanibame, Matrix Service, Zaopin Technologies, MISTRAS Group, Inc are building robust networks to make the service available for the entire oil & gas industry. The end users of the oil storage tank services are midstream oil storage companies, depots, terminals, and downstream companies. The services are usually rendered based on competitive prices and technology used in the inspection and cleaning of tanks. Moreover, the integration of digital monitoring systems to enhance the value proposition for the end consumer has created a favorable business outlook.
Report Content
 Chapter 1    Methodology & Scope
 1.1    Methodology
 1.2    Market definitions
 1.3    Market estimates & forecast parameters
 1.4    Data Sources
 1.4.1    Primary
 1.4.2    Secondary    Paid Sources    Public Sources
 Chapter 2    Executive Summary
 2.1    Asia Pacific oil storage tank service market 360o synopsis, 2014 - 2025
 2.1.1    Business trends
 2.1.2    Regional trends
 Chapter 3    Asia Pacific Oil Storage Tank Service Industry Insights
 3.1    Industry landscape, 2014 - 2025
 3.2    Industry ecosystem analysis
 3.2.1    Vendor matrix
 3.3    Innovation & sustainability
 3.3.1    Square Robot
 3.3.2    CST Industries, Inc.
 3.3.3    Snyder Industries, Inc
 3.4    Regulatory landscape
 3.4.1    Singapore    P&FM storage License
 3.4.2    Malaysia    Code of practice for the storage and handling of combustible and flammable liquids    Best available techniques guidance document on storage and handling of petroleum products
 3.4.3    India    Storage and Handling of Petroleum Products at Depots and Terminals
 3.4.4    Japan    Environmental Compliance Testing    Periodic Inspection and Testing
 3.5    Global crude oil demand supply analysis
 3.6    Product assortment
 3.6.1    Storage facility
 3.6.2    Customization
 3.6.3    EPC contracting
 3.6.4    Materials of Construction
 3.6.5    Pricing policy
 3.7    Oil storage tank count, by countries
 3.8    Tank inspection/service/maintenance parameters
 3.8.1    Current practices, by countries    China    India    Indonesia    Malaysia    Singapore    Thailand    South Korea    Japan    Australia
 3.8.2    Inspection frequency
 3.8.3    Inspection cost
 3.8.4    Service package offers
 3.9    List of major tank terminals, by key countries
 3.9.1    China
 3.9.2    India
 3.9.3    Indonesia
 3.9.4    Malaysia
 3.9.5    Singapore
 3.9.6    Thailand
 3.9.7    South Korea
 3.9.8    Japan
 3.9.9    Australia
 3.10    Industry impact forces
 3.10.1    Growth drivers    Volatile crude oil prices    Expansion of oil storage capacity    Growing stringency in tank cleaning market
 3.10.2    Industry pitfalls & challenges    High cleaning cost
 3.11    Growth potential analysis
 3.12    Porter's analysis
 3.13    Competitive landscape, 2018
 3.13.1    Strategy Dashboard    MISTRAS Group, Inc.    Acquisition    Wood Group PLC    Contract    Swire Oilfield Services Ltd.    Strategic Partnership    Acquisition    Collaboration    SUEZ Environment    Contract    Matrix Service Company    Contract
 3.14    PESTEL analysis
 Chapter 4    Asia Pacific Oil Storage Tank Service Market, By Country
 4.1    Asia Pacific oil storage tank service market share by country, 2018 & 2025
 4.2    China
 4.2.1    China market, 2014 - 2025
 4.3    India
 4.3.1    India market, 2014 - 2025
 4.4    Indonesia
 4.4.1    Indonesia market, 2014 - 2025
 4.5    Malaysia
 4.5.1    Malaysia market, 2014 - 2025
 4.6    Singapore
 4.6.1    Singapore market, 2014 - 2025
 4.7    Thailand
 4.7.1    Thailand market, 2014 - 2025
 4.8    South Korea
 4.8.1    South Korea market, 2014 - 2025
 4.9    Japan
 4.9.1    Japan market, 2014 - 2025
 4.10    Australia
 4.10.1    Australia market, 2014 - 2025
 Chapter 5    Company profiles
 5.1    John Wood Group PLC
 5.1.1    Business Overview
 5.1.2    Financial Data
 5.1.3    Product Landscape
 5.1.4    Strategic Outlook
 5.1.5    SWOT Analysis
 5.2    Swire Oilfield Services Ltd.
 5.2.1    Business Overview
 5.2.2    Financial Data
 5.2.3    Product Landscape
 5.2.4    Strategic Outlook
 5.2.5    SWOT Analysis
 5.3    Scanjet Systems AB
 5.3.1    Business Overview
 5.3.2    Financial Data
 5.3.3    Product Landscape
 5.3.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.4    Cyntech
 5.4.1    Business Overview
 5.4.2    Financial Data
 5.4.3    Product Landscape
 5.4.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.5    Veolia
 5.5.1    Business Overview
 5.5.2    Financial Data
 5.5.3    Product Landscape
 5.5.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.6    SUEZ Environment
 5.6.1    Business Overview
 5.6.2    Financial Data
 5.6.3    Product Landscape
 5.6.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.7    Matrix Service
 5.7.1    Business Overview
 5.7.2    Financial Data
 5.7.3    Product Landscape
 5.7.4    Strategic Outlook
 5.7.5    SWOT Analysis
 5.8    SP Nanibame
 5.8.1    Business Overview
 5.8.2    Financial Data
 5.8.3    Product Landscape
 5.8.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.9    Aoba Technos Co., Ltd.
 5.9.1    Business Overview
 5.9.2    Financial Data
 5.9.3    Product Landscape
 5.9.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.10    Zaopin Technologies
 5.10.1    Business Overview
 5.10.2    Financial Data
 5.10.3    Product Landscape
 5.10.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.11    System Kikou Co., Ltd. (SKK)
 5.11.1    Business Overview
 5.11.2    Financial Data
 5.11.3    Product Landscape
 5.11.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.12    Oil Field Warehouse & Services Limited
 5.12.1    Business Overview
 5.12.2    Financial Data
 5.12.3    Product Landscape
 5.12.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.13    Zonaint Private Limited
 5.13.1    Business Overview
 5.13.2    Financial Data
 5.13.3    Product Landscape
 5.13.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.14    NCH Corporation
 5.14.1    Business Overview
 5.14.2    Financial Data
 5.14.3    Product Landscape
 5.14.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.15    MISTRAS Group, Inc.
 5.15.1    Business Overview
 5.15.2    Financial Data
 5.15.3    Product Landscape
 5.15.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.16    Arkoil
 5.16.1    Business Overview
 5.16.2    Financial Data
 5.16.3    Product Landscape
 5.16.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.17    Petros
 5.17.1    Business Overview
 5.17.2    Financial Data
 5.17.3    Product Landscape
 5.17.4    SWOT Analysis
 5.18    China Oil HBP Group
 5.18.1    Business Overview
 5.18.2    Financial Data
 5.18.3    Product Landscape
 5.18.4    SWOT Analysis

Data Tables TABLE 1 Asia Pacific oil storage tank service market 360 degree synopsis, 2014 - 2025 TABLE 2 Asia Pacific market, 2014 - 2018, (Revenue) TABLE 3 Asia Pacific market, 2019 - 2025, (Revenue) TABLE 4 Asia Pacific market, by country, 2014 - 2018, (Revenue) TABLE 5 Asia Pacific Market, by country 2019 - 2025, (Revenue) TABLE 6 Oil storage tank count, by countries TABLE 7 Industry impact forces TABLE 8 China market, 2014 - 2018, (Revenue) TABLE 9 China market, 2019 - 2025, (Revenue) TABLE 10 India market, 2014 - 2018, (Revenue) TABLE 11 India market, 2019 - 2025, (Revenue) TABLE 12 Indonesia market, 2014 - 2018, (Revenue) TABLE 13 Indonesia market, 2019 - 2025, (Revenue) TABLE 14 Malaysia market, 2014 - 2018, (Revenue) TABLE 15 Malaysia market, 2019 - 2025, (Revenue) TABLE 16 Singapore market, 2014 - 2018, (Revenue) TABLE 17 Singapore market, 2019 - 2025, (Revenue) TABLE 18 Thailand market, 2014 - 2018, (Revenue) TABLE 19 Thailand market, 2019 - 2025, (Revenue) TABLE 20 South Korea market, 2014 - 2018, (Revenue) TABLE 21 South Korea market, 2019 - 2025, (Revenue) TABLE 22 Japan market, 2014 - 2018, (Revenue) TABLE 23 Japan market, 2019 - 2025, (Revenue) TABLE 24 Australia market, 2014 - 2018, (Revenue) TABLE 25 Australia market, 2019 - 2025, (Revenue) Charts & Figures FIG. 1 Asia Pacific oil storage tank service market, 2014 - 2025 (USD Million) FIG. 2 Industry landscape, 2014 - 2025 (USD Million) FIG. 3 Industry ecosystem analysis (Manual) FIG. 4 Industry ecosystem analysis (Automated) FIG. 5 Cleaning process FIG. 6 Global crude oil demand (Mbpd), 2012 - 2018 FIG. 7 Brent crude oil prices, 2014 to 2020 (U.S. dollars per barrel) FIG. 8 Asia Pacific refinery capacity by country,2018 (1000 b/cd) FIG. 9 Growth potential analysis FIG. 10 Porter's analysis FIG. 11 PESTEL analysis FIG. 12 Asia Pacific oil storage tank service market revenue share by country, 2018 & 2025 FIG. 13 SWOT Analysis, John Wood Group PLC FIG. 14 SWOT Analysis, Swire Oilfield Services Ltd. FIG. 15 SWOT Analysis, Scanjet Systems AB FIG. 16 SWOT Analysis, Cyntech FIG. 17 SWOT Analysis, Veolia FIG. 18 SWOT Analysis, SUEZ Environment FIG. 19 SWOT Analysis, Matrix Service FIG. 20 SWOT Analysis, Matrix Service FIG. 21 SWOT Analysis, Aoba Technos Co., Ltd. FIG. 22 SWOT Analysis, Zaopin Technologies FIG. 23 SWOT Analysis, System Kikou Co., Ltd. FIG. 24 SWOT Analysis, Oil Field Warehouse & Services Limited FIG. 25 SWOT Analysis, Zonaint Private Limited FIG. 26 SWOT Analysis, NCH Corporation FIG. 27 SWOT Analysis, MISTRAS Group, Inc FIG. 28 SWOT Analysis, Arkoil FIG. 29 SWOT Analysis, Petros FIG. 30 SWOT Analysis, China Oil HBP Group

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